Error "Error refreshing extracts for Workbook .. None of the workbook's datasources are refreshable" Refreshing Extract of Live Published Connection

Published: 14 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 19 Nov 2017


When refreshing a workbook containing embedded extracts taken from a live, published connection, refresh fails with the error:
Error refreshing extracts for Workbook: '<workbook name>'; None of the workbook's datasources are refreshable. Nothing refreshed for workbook '<workbook name>' (errorCode=60007)


  • Tableau Online
  • Published workbook using embedded data source that is an extract of a published live data source


Download and replace the connections with local extracts 
  1. Open Tableau Desktop. 
  2. Select Server, and Open Workbook..., to open the affected workbook.   
  3. Right-click the data source, and select Create Local Copy.   
  4. Right-click the data source, and select Replace Data Source.   
  5. Verify that the original data source will be replaced by the local data source, and then click OK.  
  6. Right-click and close the original data source.    
  7. Repeat the above steps for all data sources in the workbook. 
  8. Select Server and Publish Workbook.
  9. Ensure credentials are embedded and republish the workbook.  


Tableau Online is not configured to refresh extracts taken from published data sources.
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