Error: "Error: Migration of data engine from primary" When Restoring a Backup

Published: 23 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2017


When trying to restore a back-up on a production environment, the restore fails and the following error message occus in the command prompt window: 
"Error: Migration of data engine from primary"


Tableau Server


  • If the backup is being restored from a network drive, copy the .tsbak file to the local drive and restore it from there. 
  • Increase the disk space on the computer running the worker node. 


There was not enough space left on the disk to unzip the data folder containing the backup data, or a long-running restore over a network connection timed out.

Additional Information

During a tabadmin restore, the Tableau Server/data/ tabsvc / dataengine folder is renamed to dataengine .1 for rollback purposes.  
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