Error "Error in output. The file path is not valid" Opening Tableau Prep Flow File (tflx)

Published: 16 Apr 2018
Last Modified Date: 26 May 2023


When opening a Tableau Prep flow file (tfl or tflx) the following error may occur:

"Error in output <output node name>.The file path is not valid. Verify that the file path is correct and that you have write permissions to the directory."

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Tableau Prep


Edit the output node to reference a file path on the computer running Tableau Prep that the user has permissions to write to.


When opening a flow file with an output node, Tableau Prep verifies the file path exists and the user running Tableau Prep has permission to write the output file.

If the file path is not found or permission is missing, Tableau Prep notifies the user so the output node can be updated before running the flow.
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