Error "Error from Hive: error code: '10002' ... Invalid column reference" Connecting to MapR Hive

Published: 02 Jan 2015
Last Modified Date: 29 Dec 2017


When refreshing an extract or viewing data from Hadoop Hive, the following error might occur:

Error from Hive: error code: '10002' error message: 'Error while compiling statement: FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10002]: Line 1:28 Invalid column reference 


  • Tableau Desktop 8.2.5-8.2.10
  • Tableau Server 8.2.5-8.2.10
  • MapR Hive 0.13+


Option 1

Ensure that the correct Hadoop ODBC drivers are in use. For more information, see Drivers & Activation.
If the drivers are already up to date, or if you continue to encounter this error after updating, use one of the following solutions: 


Option 2

Edit the data source in Tableau Desktop.
  • From the Data pane, right-click on the name of the data source and select Edit Data Source.
  • On the Data Source page, click the Server name.
  • Click Initial SQL in Data Connection, and then enter the following SQL statement:
    ​set hive.resultset.use.unique.column.names=false
  • Click OK to save the SQL statement.
  • Click OK to save the connection details​.
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