Error "EDGE_POOL_JOB_FAILURE" and "HTTP Response code: 504" Intermittently Occurs When Refreshing Bridge Data Sources

Published: 28 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 29 May 2023


When attempting to refresh a data source via Tableau Bridge, the following error occurs:

An issue on Tableau Cloud caused a Bridge Refresh job to fail and is preventing a scheduled refresh from running.

The following errors display in our internal logs: 

HTTP Response code: 504



  • Tableau Bridge
  • Pooled Schedules


Consider the below options to workaround the problem. 

Option 1 Republish the data source as a live connection instead of extract. 

Option 2 Increase the frequency of refreshes so when a failure does occur, the data is still current. 

Option 3 Use legacy schedules instead of pools. See Alternative: Manage Bridge (legacy) schedules for more information. 

Note: Legacy schedules have many limitations. Performance may be impacted as legacy refreshes cannot run concurrently. 
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