Error During Prep Flow Authoring Session in Tableau Server a Blank Screen or a 500 Internal Server Error Occurs

Published: 05 Oct 2023
Last Modified Date: 06 Oct 2023


When opening a flow in web edit, sometimes instead of seeing the flow, a blank page may appear.  A "500 Internal Server Error" may be noticed in the web browser's developer tools console.

The error is intermittent, and when the page is refreshed again, the flow starts to display correctly.

This is happening since the 2023.1.4 upgrade in a multi-node environment even after new flows are created.

In the floweditor logs will display this error message:

[SQLSTATE:58S01] The database "hyper.file:/opt/tableau/data/tabsvc/temp/floweditor_0.20231.23.0711.1149/loom339044326452819126/f3b2c69e-d838-4659-b855-c497629ff2f3/Maestro" could not be created: unable to resolve the database path: Directory does not exist


  • Tableau Server 2023.1.4
  • CentOS 7


Although refreshing the page does allow the flow to render properly, it is also possible in a multi-node environment to reduce the number of floweditor processes from n to only 1.


Investigation is ongoing through the Work ID: W-14234238
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