Error "Duplicate SPN found, aborting operation!" While Running KerberosConfig.bat

Published: 04 Dec 2014
Last Modified Date: 07 Dec 2017


When running the KerberosConfig.bat script as part of enabling Kerberos authentication, the following Windows error might occur:

Duplicate SPN found, aborting operation!



Tableau Server 


Check what account the duplicate SPN is registered under. If the account on the SPN is the Tableau Server RunAs user, this warning can be ignored. Most likely, the script has been run previously. However, if the account on the SPN is not the RunAs user, then the existing SPN must be deleted so the SPN can be re-created on the correct account. Perform the following steps:
  1.  Delete the SPN. 
    setspn -D http/<server name> <domain>\<account>
    setspn -D http/<FQDN> <domain>\<account>
Note: This command must be run with both the server name and the FQDN.
  1. Verify the deletion succeeded by running setspn -Q http/<server>.
  2. Re-run the KerberosConfig.bat script.


A given SPN can only be registered to one account. Windows will not allow you to register an SPN to one account if the SPN is already registered to another account.
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