Error "DataValueParser.cpp|DataValueParser::ParseInteger" When Attempting to Re-open a Newly created Workbook

Published: 24 Oct 2019
Last Modified Date: 19 Mar 2021


When saving a newly created worksheet in .twbx format and closing the workbook, you are unable to open the workbook again and the following error might occur: 

Error: DataValueParser.cpp|DataValueParser::ParseInteger



  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows 10
  • Excel


Check the excel data source used in the workbook and confirm that all values are correctly converted to expected data type. For example, for an Integer field Age, the values 22 and 37 will work but a value similar to "late 40s" will not convert to the right data type. 
*You might need to correct the connection through .twb instead of .twbx.


Some values cannot be converted to the expected data type.
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