Error "Data Source Exception "no such function == Unable to create extract" Creating Extract

Published: 02 Mar 2016
Last Modified Date: 20 Sep 2016


When using a field as a data source filter in a data connection that has a JOIN between two tables, and then creating an extract, the extract might fail with the following error message:
com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll DataSourceException: no such function ==
Unable to create extract



  • Tableau Desktop
  • Progress OpenEdge


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 9.2.12, 9.3.7 or 10.0.1. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop.

Option 2

Create a calculated field similar to the following to convert the affected field into a STRING: (STR([Affected Field]). Use this new field as a filter.


This behavior is related to a known issue that has been fixed in more recent releases.

Additional Information

This error can also occur in Tableau Server 9.2.x, if a workbook with an embedded extract (that matches the criteria above) was published before upgrading to Tableau Server 9.2.x. In this case, the error will appear in the Background Tasks for Extracts admin view.
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