Error "Gateway timeout. Check to make sure the server is running" Creating Local Copy of Datasource

Published: 04 Jan 2017
Last Modified Date: 10 Apr 2017


When creating a local copy of a data source in Tableau Desktop, the following error occurs:
Gateway timeout. Check to make sure the server is running

When attempting to download directly from the Tableau Server, the command appears to execute successfully, only presents a blank screen.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Load Balancer or Proxy Server


Increase the timeout of the load balancer or proxy server to avoid the gateway timeout.


A network device like a load balancer or proxy server is timing out and closing the connection. 

Additional Information

You can confirm whether the proxy timeout is the issue by bypassing the proxy server to download the data:
  1. ​Use Remote Desktop to connect to the computer running Tableau Server
  2. Navigate to and authenticate with the Tableau Server
  3. Attempt to download the datasource

If successful, this indicates there is an issue maintaining a network connection between the client computers and the Tableau Server.

When downloading via "localhost" or the IP, the request comes from the computer running Tableau Server and connects directly to the data without ever leaving the computer's environment. Successfully downloading in this scenario proves there is nothing wrong with the data (it is not corrupted) or the Tableau Server (not a permissions or configuration issue).

When downloading via "" the request comes from the client computer, goes to a network device (router, firewall, switch, etc.) and then connects to the Tableau Server. When attempting to download, that network device is saying the connection is taking too long and cuts it off after reaching the timeout, throwing the HTTP 504 error. Other datasources may not be affected since they are downloaded before hitting the timeout limit.

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