Error "Could not match Data Source" After Updating Credentials json File and Attempting to Share a Tableau Prep Script

Published: 11 Feb 2019
Last Modified Date: 02 Jul 2019


After updating credentials json file with new users details, a Tableau Prep script cannot be shared with other users and the following error might occur:

"Could not match Data Source"


Tableau Prep


Create a different json file and flow file for each user. When the flow is saved, the connection info, such as user name, host name, service, etc. except password are already saved in the flow file.

In order to use different username/password to connect the datasource, create a new flow with the other information in the connection.


Tableau Prep CLI command only works when the credentials specified in the JSON file are the same as the ones when the creation of the flow. This is by design as CLI does not allow flow edits.
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