Error "Could not find the Tableau Server data directory" when registering RMT Agent on Windows

Published: 24 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 24 Nov 2022


If a custom DATADIR and INSTALLDIR were specified during Tableau Server installation, the RMT agent registration will fail with the error:

"Could not find the Tableau Server data directory"



  • Tableau Server 2021.4.1
  • Windows Server 2012


1. Back up the RMT agent config.json file located at %PROGRAMFILES%\Tableau\Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool\agent\config\. This path may vary depending on your installation

2. Edit the config.json file and add the following entries:

 "agent":  {  
    "tableauServer":  {  
      "override":  true,  
      "productVersion":  2021.2,  
      "applicationDirectory":  "D:\\tableau\\server",  
      "dataDirectory":  "D:\\Tableau\\data\\data\\tabsvc" 

More information about these options is in the product help:
   Tableau Server Detection   

Note the following:
  • the dataDirectory is the path that leads to the config directory
  • end the "server" block with a comma and add the "agent" block above the last closing curly bracket

3. Register the RMT Agent

D:\Tableau\Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool\agent>rmtadmin register "C:\Users\xxx\Downloads\TEST-bootstrap.json" --username "admin" --password "XXXXXXX" --verbose
[01:17:31 INF] ------------Application Started------------
[01:17:31 INF] Product Version: 2021.4.1
[01:17:31 INF] Build Version: 20214.22.0108.0911+46fccc7dc
[01:17:31 INF] Application Directory: D:\Tableau\Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool\agent
[01:17:31 INF] Working Directory: D:\Tableau\Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool\agent
[01:17:31 INF] Machine Name: xxxxxxxxxxx
[01:17:31 INF] OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 (x64)
[01:17:31 INF] Process Platform: x64
[01:17:31 INF] Process User: TSI\agomez
[01:17:31 INF] Process ID: 96053cf6-67ed-b0b6-3291d3b369ff
[01:17:31 INF] Configuration Directory: D:\Tableau\Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool\agent\config
[01:17:31 INF] Log Directory: D:\Tableau\Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool\agent\logs
[01:17:31 INF] Plugin Directory: D:\Tableau\Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool\agent\plugins
[01:17:31 INF] Reading the bootstrap file
[01:17:31 INF] Finished testing message queue connection. Successful? True
[01:17:31 INF] Connected to RMT Server message queue: rabbitmq://xxxxxxxx:5672/tabrmt
[01:17:31 INF] Found registry entry and executable for Tableau Server 2021.2 at "D:\tableau\server\packages\tabsvc.20212.22.0108.1052\tabsvc.exe".
[01:17:31 INF] Starting message queue bus for address rabbitmq://xxxxxxxxxx/tabrmt/rmt.bus.agent.rmtadmin.1426df2076e748409862c06551c96aaf?temporary=true
[01:17:31 INF] Started message queue bus successfully
[01:17:31 INF] Stopping message queue bus for address rabbitmq://xxxxxxxxxxx/tabrmt/rmt.bus.agent.rmtadmin.1426df2076e748409862c06551c96aaf?temporary=true
[01:17:31 INF] Stopped message queue bus successfully
[01:17:31 INF] Successfully registered the agent: xxxxxx to environment: TEST




By default, the RMT agent will use the application directory path to get to the data files. 

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