Error "Could not find the referenced file... Replace it with another file?" When Opening a Packaged Workbook

Published: 01 Sep 2015
Last Modified Date: 26 Dec 2018


When opening a packaged workbook (.twbx) in Tableau Reader, the following error might occur: 

Could not find the referenced file <name of the file>. Replace it with another file?


Tableau Reader


Perform the following steps in Tableau Desktop:
  1. Check the Use Extract option. For more information, see Use Extracts.
  2. Save the workbook in the .twbx file format.


Different causes could prompt this error to occur: 
  • Data was extracted, but the file was not saved with Use Extract selected. 
  • A data source was no longer present in its former location or was missing (red exclamation), when the packaged workbook was created.
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