Error "Could not find the referenced file: FAKEPATH-###" Upon Web Edit Appears After Upgrading to 2020.4

Published: 27 Nov 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When connecting to and web editing a workbook with Excel data source, the following error is displayed upon clicking data source tab.

"Could not find the referenced file: FAKEPATH-1ayv1ii0uxr2uw10iffo91dgb54q." 


  • Tableau Cloud 2020.4.0
  • Excel or CSV data source 


After the error, you will be prompted for the missing file (data source), Click Yes to specify the original file and reupload it from local computer. 


This behavior is by design. On Tableau Cloud 2020.4, "datasource tab" was enabled, user is able to edit datasource, when user switches to "datasource tab",  datasouce is basically switch to use live connection, so the file-based data source must be accessible, if not, web authoring shows the dialog to ask user upload "External Files" to continue edit datasource.
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