'Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine' appears upon launching Tableau Prep Builder

Published: 26 Nov 2021
Last Modified Date: 29 Nov 2021


When launching Tableau Prep Builder, the following error is displayed:

 'Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine' appears.


  • Tableau Prep Builder


1. Check the environment variable with SET command from command prompt. 
2. If you see unrecognized option for Java, remove that option. 
3. Re-launch Tableau Prep Builder.


There was Java option set in the environment variable (by another application) that could not be recognized by Tableau Prep Builder.
_JAVA_OPTIONS: C:\\Kerberos\\config\\krb5.ini

Additional Information

{"ts":"2021-09-29T10:41:57.481","sev":"info","k":"backend-manager","v":"Java path: C:\\Program Files\\Tableau\\Tableau Prep Builder 2021.2\\Plugins\\jre\\bin\\java","pid":11936}
{"ts":"2021-09-29T10:41:58.152","sev":"info","k":"backend-manager","v":"spawned restApi with PID: 18620","pid":11936}
{"ts":"2021-09-29T10:41:59.808","sev":"info","k":"rest-api-stdout","v":"Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: C:\\Kerberos\\config\\krb5.ini","pid":11936}
{"ts":"2021-09-29T10:41:59.809","sev":"info","k":"rest-api-stdout","v":"\nUnrecognized option: C:\\Kerberos\\config\\krb5.ini","pid":11936}
{"ts":"2021-09-29T10:41:59.809","sev":"info","k":"rest-api-stdout","v":"\nError: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.","pid":11936}
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