Error "Could not connect to TSM Controller at 'https://servername:8850'" Running TSM Commands

Published: 28 Nov 2018
Last Modified Date: 18 Jun 2020


When running any TSM command, the following error occurs: 

Could not connect to TSM Controller at 'https://servername:8850'

Some basic verification steps can be done to confirm it is due to this TSM certificate expiring, and not other possible causes:
  1. Tableau Server portal is running fine but not TSM WebUI is not accessible
  2. Running the following commands: 
    # sudo su -l tableau
    # systemctl status tabadmincontroller_0 
    It will show the service is active and running, yet still cannot connect to TSM
  3. Telnet to port 8850 is working as well
    # telnet localhost 8850
    Trying ::1...
    Connected to localhost.
    Escape character is '^]'.
  4. There won't be any new message in /var/opt/tableau/tableau_server/data/tabsvc/logs/tabadmincontroller/tabadmincontroller_node1-0.log
  5. You will see this error message in  ~/.tableau/tsm/tsm.log:
    2019-03-15 15:09:57 main : ERROR com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.ServerApi - Exception sending request
    org.springframework.web.client.ResourceAccessException: I/O error on POST request for "https://localhost.localdomain:8850/api/0.5/login": PKIX path validation failed: 
    validity check failed; nested exception is 
    PKIX path validation failed: validity check failed
    The TSM log may show 'timestamp check failed' as the suffix of the above error message instead of 'validity check failed'.


  • Tableau Server 10.5.9, 2018.1.6, 2018.2.3, 2018.3.0 and earlier versions
  • Linux 


Step 1

Upgrade to Tableau Server 10.5.10, 2018.1.7, 2018.2.4, 2018.3.1 or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrade Tableau Server on Linux from 10.5.


These releases have added a new flag, --trust-admin-controller-cert, to tsm and the upgrade-tsm script. To stop Tableau Server, you need to install the same version family (i.e., if you are running Tableau Server 2018.1.1, you'll need to install Tableau Server 2018.1.7+)
Option 1
Access that versions tsm with the --trust-admin-controller-cert flag as: 
/opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/bin.<version_code>/tsm stop 
where <version code> is the newly installed Tableau Server build version number which you can find on the releases page for that Tableau Server version.

Option 2

Otherwise, follow the directions for installing Tableau Server and when running the upgrade-tsm script use the --trust-admin-controller-cert flag.


Earlier versions of Tableau Server on Linux used a TSM Controller certificate which expired after one year.

Additional Information

To verify your TSM Controller SSL certificate's expiration date, enter the following commands in the terminal on the computer running Tableau Server: 

 #openssl s_client -connect servername:8850
 # echo | openssl s_client -connect servername:8850  2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -dates

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