Error Code C926DA9F "An error occurred when publishing the workbook" When Publishing

Published: 18 Dec 2019
Last Modified Date: 15 May 2020


When attempting to publish content from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server, the following error occurs:

"An error occurred when publishing the workbook
Error Code: C926DA9F
You do not have permission to perform the requested operation."


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop


Try the following solutions: 
  • Ensure that the Tableau Server Run As User has all the necessary permissions. For more information, see Required Run As Server Account Settings.
  • If a proxy is in use, work with your local IT to add an exception in the proxy for Tableau Desktop. This will allow Tableau Desktop to reach the server in order to publish.
  • If a reverse proxy has recently been added, ensure Tableau Server is configured for it. For more information, see Configure Proxies for Tableau Server.
  • Verify that the User Visibility feature is not set to Limited. When the feature is set to Limited, ExplorerCanPublish users will not be able to publish to Tableau Server. See more


Error Code C926DA9F represents an error occurring during publishing, and may have multiple causes, including a proxy interfering with communications between Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop, and incorrect permissions for the Tableau Server Run As user. 
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