Error Code B9F09DDB When Using a Published Snowflake Live Data Source in Tableau Desktop

Published: 13 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 14 Jun 2023


A query to Snowflake has been created and is used as live data source in Tableau Desktop.
When the data source is published to Tableau Server and used as the data source of the workbook the following error will occur:

An error occurred while communicating with data source 'MDM Overview (2)'

Error Code:B9F09DDB

An error occurred while communicating with the Snowflake data source 'MDM Overview (local copy)'

SQL compilation error: error line 40 at position 23

'"t7"."$temp1_import1"' in select clause is neither an aggregate nor in the group by clause.


When the data source is used as an extract there is no issue.


  • Tableau Server 2023.1.2
  • Windows Server
  • Snowflake


Follow the Known Issue to upgrade to the correct version when resolved.


Create an extract of the data source.


Tableau Development Team is investigating this error under Known Issue W-13581915.
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