Error Code: B19090E0 Unable to Publish Kyvos Data Source to Tableau Cloud When Using Initial SQL

Published: 12 Aug 2022
Last Modified Date: 12 Aug 2022


When publishing a Kyvos data source with Initial SQL to Tableau Cloud, the following error occurs:

Initial sql: EXECUTE AS USER = [TableauServerUser] WITH NO REVERT;

Error Code: B19090E0
[Kyvos][Kyvos ODBC](2507) Error from server:0-Given User does not exist in Kyvos. UserName -xxx@xxx
Unable to connect to the Kyvos server "xxx"


  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Tableau Cloud
  • Kyvos


Create the same user in the database to match the username in Tableau Cloud.


The username returned by Tableau Cloud does not exist in the Kyvos database.

The parameter [TableauServerUser] used in Initial SQL returns the username of the current online user. The Initial SQL will run when a connection is made to the database, thus taking [TableauServerUser] into the database to set the security context.

Note that, unlike Tableau Server, the email address serves as the unique username in Tableau Cloud, which cannot be changed, and [TableauServerUser] will always return the email address.
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