Error Code 1E953F46 Upon Connecting To GeoJSON File

Published: 13 Apr 2020
Last Modified Date: 20 Jul 2022


When connecting to a GeoJSON file, the following error occurs:

Unable to complete action
Tableau has encountered an error while trying to load a spatial file.

It is recommended that you include the supporting .prj file. Tableau might not recognize the datum definition for some datasets, even with spatial reference information included. Since Tableau assumes the underlying data is in WGS84, some coordinates might be reported as "out of range" for projected data, or a coordinate transformation failure might occur.
Error Code: 1E953F46




  • Tableau Desktop


Current coordinate system for this GeoJSON file is Amersfoort / RD New (EPSG:28992)

PROJ is a generic coordinate transformation software that transforms geospatial coordinates from one coordinate reference system (CRS) to another. Tableau currently utilizes the PROJ4 library for conversion.

The version of PROJ Tableau uses currently does not support this projection:
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