Error "clntsh not found" When Connecting to Oracle

Published: 23 Feb 2018
Last Modified Date: 31 Jan 2020


When loading a view connected to an Oracle database, the following error may occur:
The drivers necessary to connect to the database server '' are not properly installed on Tableau Server. Visit to download driver setup files. 
clntsh not found 
Unable to connect to the server "[SERVER NAME]". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database. 


  • Tableau Server 
  • Linux
  • Oracle


Step 1
Ensure Oracle driver is installed. (Include hyper link)

Step 2
Install missing dependencies manually.
  1. On the Tableau Server machine, run the command: ldd /opt/tableau/tableau_driver/oracle/ 
  2. In the output, note which dependencies are not found.
  3. Manually install the missing dependencies.
  4. Verify that all dependencies are installed by running the same command from step 1. 
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Step 3
Ensure all the necessary environment variables have been set.
To configure the environment variables, see Environment Variables Reference for Linux at Oracle.


The required Oracle driver is missing, and / or some dependencies or environment variables are missing.

Additional Information

LDD man page

Installing Dependencies:
In most cases, the missing dependency is libaio.

To install the missing dependency on Ubuntu, run the following in terminal:
sudo apt get install libaio1

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