Error "Child process suspended by another process after creation" Connecting to CSV, Excel File or TDE

Published: 10 Oct 2014
Last Modified Date: 10 Sep 2015


When connecting to a file-based data source such as a CSV or Excel file, or when connecting to a Tableau Data Extract (.tde) file, the following error might occur:
Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: Child process suspended by another process after creation.  Cannot resume.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Text Files


Option 1

Work with your internal IT team to ensure that Tableau Desktop is allowed to access external files.

Option 2

Use Tableau Desktop version 8.1 or earlier. For more information, see Downloading the Previous Version of Tableau.


Tableau Desktop has insufficient access to the data source file or third party software is interfering with Tableau Desktop processes.
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