Error: "Cannot Publish Error: Cannot Publish With Modified Permissions" When Publishing Workbook To A Locked Project

Published: 22 Feb 2016
Last Modified Date: 14 Dec 2016


When publishing a workbook to a locked project, the following error message is received:
Cannot Publish Error: Cannot publish with modified permissions. Permissions are locked in the project you are publishing to. To publish this workbook, use the default permissions and try again.


Tableau Server 9.2 and later versions


When project content permissions are locked, permissions cannot be changed for all data sources in the locked project. Therefore, when the permission rules of the workbook do not match the default permission rules of the project. The error message will display and prevents publication.

Additional Information

The ability for Tableau Administrators and Project Leaders to lock content permissions to a project was introduced in Tableau Server 9.2.
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