Error "Cannot evaluate user filter; no current user or group" Connecting Live Using Tableau Bridge with TableauServerUser Initial SQL Impersonation

Published: 07 Mar 2019
Last Modified Date: 20 Dec 2019


When using live data sources with Tableau Bridge that contain the TableauServerUser impersonation variable with Initial SQL, the following error occurs: 

Cannot evaluate user filter; no current user or group.


  • Tableau Online
  • Initial SQL
  • TableauServerUser variable
  • Tableau Bridge


As a possible workaround; if using a database hosted on a cloud platform, and the database connector is supported for direct connections in Tableau Online, enable direct external access to the database, whitelist the Tableau Online IP addresses and connect directly rather than through Tableau Bridge. See Keep Data Fresh and Tableau Online IP addresses for data provider authorization for more information. 


The ability to use initial sql impersonation with Tableau Bridge is not yet available. 
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