Error "cannot Blend The Secondary Data Source Because One Or More Fields Use An Unsupported Aggregation." With Blended View Using A Cube As Primary Data Source

Published: 17 Mar 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


The error below occurs upon adding a measure from the cube as a primary data source to the view:

"Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation."


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Cube
  • Blend


Verify if one of the measure coming from the cube data source has a default aggregation different than SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT.

If other aggregation type such as AGG_AVG is used, change it to one of the supported aggregation listed above in the cube database itself before using in Tableau Desktop.


The root cause is related to the default aggregation of the Cube measures as they are AVG. 
AVG is a quasi-additive aggregation and it does not work in Tableau.
The supported default aggregations for cube measures are: SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT.
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