Error "Bin depends on non-existent field, ignoring bin" After Attempting to Swap Data Source

Published: 09 Mar 2017
Last Modified Date: 03 Jan 2019


After changing an Extract Data source to a new data source, you are unable to change the data source in Tableau Desktop and the following error:

"Bin '(Dimension)(Group) depends on non-existent field (Dimension) ignoring bin."


Tableau Desktop 


Option 1

  • Create .twb and connect it to new data source when prompted upon opening

Option 2

  • Using the search function, find the bin or group that is being referenced in the error and remove it from the original data source.
    • The bin/group was created from a field in the original data source, and can be re-created in the new data source after the data is replaced as desired.
    • It is also possible to rename fields in the new data source to match the fields in the original data source that are referenced in the bin/group.


There are bins/groups in the original data source that reference a field, the name of which is not present in the new data source. Tableau does not know where to point the bin/group in the new data source and creates an error. 
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