Error "Authentication failed. Error Code: 84223ADA" when connecting to Google BigQuery

Published: 12 Apr 2021
Last Modified Date: 12 Apr 2021


When trying to connect to Google BigQuery or other Cloud data source using OAuth protocol to authenticate, the following error may occur:

Authentication failed
Error Code: 84223ADA


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows
  • Google BigQuery


Work with your local IT team to try the following options:

1. Use your web browser to connect to Google BigQuery web console and confirm if the data sets can be accessed there.

If you are unable to connect Google BigQuery and access your data sets with web browser, please ask your internal IT team to white list the URL links for Google BigQuery on firewall, proxy and/or antivirus. 

2. Change your default browser

If you are using Internet Explore, please set your default web browser to Google Chrome. Vise versa.
After changing the default browser, restart Tableau Desktop and try to connect your data source again.

3. Change proxy setting in Internet Options by following the steps below:
a. From Windows Control Panel, open Internet Options.
b. Select the Connection tab on the Internet Properties screen.
c. Click the LAN Settings button to open the Local Area Network (LAN) settings.
e. If Use proxy server for LAN option is ticked, enable Bypass proxy server for local addresses option and then click in Advanced
f. Add these three items "localhost;;[::1]" into Exceptions field in Advanced setting.
g. Click OK to save it.
h. If Automatically detect settings or Use automatic configuration script option is enabled in LAN settings, please ask your local IT team to bypass localhost,, [::1] these three addresses on the proxy.
i. Please confirm with IT team that the IPV6 local address [::1] (and/or is not blocked in the corporate network. 


The proxy configuration on the machine doesn't allow localhost to be accessed.
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