Error "An unknown error related to remote content was detected (500)" Refreshing a Workbook on Tableau Server

Published: 21 Jun 2016
Last Modified Date: 04 Sep 2020


When refreshing a workbook with multiple data sources, you may receive the following eerror message: 

An unknown error related to remote content was detected (500).


  • Tableau Server
  • Extracts


There are a few steps that can be taken to resolve the issue.
  1. Confirm that all data connections are set up using the correct usernames and passwords. This can be done by using the test connection for each data source in question. 
  2. Confirm that any proxies are passing the information to the server correctly. A Fiddler trace (with https decryption turned on) can be helpful in seeing how the information is being passed from Server to the data source.
  3. If these steps still do not allow connection, please contact support for further assistance. As always, please make sure you have server logs showing the error as well as a Fiddler trace (if that was done).


Can be quite a few different reasons from passwords not being embedded for datasources to proxies blocking connection from Server. 
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