Error "An unexpected error occurred opening the workbook" Publishing Workbook

Published: 08 Jun 2016
Last Modified Date: 09 Jan 2020


When publishing a workbook or data source with extracted data, the following error might occur:

Unexpected error opening packaged workbook.

Additionally, the following might appear in the Tableau Server log:

Possible ZipBomb detected.



  • Tableau Server
  • Extracted data source


Option 1

Simplify the data source before publishing by removing joins or hiding unused fields, especially fields with repeating data, and re-extracting. 

Option 2

Change or disable the zipbomb protection threshold. 
  1. Confirm that Tableau Server is on a recent version.
  2. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator and navigate to the Tableau Server bin folder.
    • Run the tsm configuration set Options. For additional information about option names, see Options in Tableau Help.
    • (2018.1 and earlier version of Tableau Server) Run the following commands:
      tabadmin stop
      tabadmin set [option-name value]
      tabadmin config
      tabadmin start

Possible option-name values:
  • Disable ZipBomb detection: native_api.Zip_Bomb_Detection false 
  • Raise the compression ration threshold: native_api.Max_Allowed_Compression n
Note: n can equal any number, the default is 100, to raise threshold try a higher number such as 200 or 1000.
  • Raise the threshold for file size checked: native_api.Min_Written_Bytes_Threshold n
Note: n can equal any number, try something such as 10000048576.


Malware protection is triggered by a data source that contains repeating data or other redundancies. The redundancy leads to a compression ratio which resembles a malware attack.

Additional Information

This issue is typically seen with very large data sources with multiple table joins and/or a large number of null or repeating data.

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