Error "Access denied" After Failing Incremental Refresh

Published: 28 Mar 2019
Last Modified Date: 19 Apr 2019


When running incremental extract the extract fails with "Access denied" message despite the Service (RAS) account being a local administrator on the machine hosting Tableau Server.

Full refresh extracts will succeed but incremental extracts will fail for the same data source. 


  • Tableau Server 2018.3.3
  • PostgreSQL
  • Excel


Re-apply the permissions for the Tableau Server Run as Service (RAS) account and the Network Service account to the following directories and all subdirectories:
Installed to default path:
  • c:\program files\Tableau\Tableu Server
  • c:\programdata\Tableau\ Tableau Server
Installed in a custom path:
  • Apply at the top level of the custom path only. there will not be a "ProgramData" folder
For example: If your custom path is h:\applications\Tableau\Tableau Server apply permissions to the \Tableau Server folder and all subdirectories. 
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