Error "A sheet named <worksheet name> already exists" When Renaming a Worksheet Using a Pre-existing Worksheet Name

Published: 27 Jun 2014
Last Modified Date: 27 Feb 2017


When you open a workbook, worksheets and dashboards may be missing. When attempting to recreate a sheet, you might receive the following error:

A sheet named "<sheet name>" already exists.


Tableau Desktop


The workbook XML may be corrupted beyond repair, but as a workaround, try one of the following after opening the Tableau Workbook file (.twb) in a text editor:

1. Ensure that each sheet in the workbook has a corresponding <windows> entry, like below:

<window auto-hidden='0' class='worksheet' maximized='0' name='<sheet name>'> 

2. Remove the text between the following tags, including the tags themselves and rebuild the worksheet(s):

<worksheet name = "<sheet name>">


The workbook was corrupted and the XML was damaged.
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