ERROR 6200: Command CREATE INDEX is not supported When Opening A View That Connects To Vertica

Published: 07 Jan 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When opening a view that connects to Vertica, the following error occurs:

ERROR 6200: Command CREATE INDEX is not supported
HINT: Did you mean 'CREATE TEXT INDEX'? 


  • Tableau Server
  • Vertica


Disable temp table creation permission for the database user which is used by Tableau Server to query data on Vertica side.


SQL query is issued for index creation  for temp table.

Additional Information

In tabprotosrv log, there is index creation SQL issued for temp table.
2020-11-02T10:34:14.256: 103771-7f2634e8e300 BEGIN-PROTOCOL.QUERY
protocol-id : -1
query-hash : 2565808926
query-category : TempTable
query : CREATE INDEX "Xtidx_XT01_5CE62AD4_4EEB_4619_8A14_96C246B17F2F_1_Connect_CheckCreateTempTableCap_1a" ON "XT01_5CE62AD4_4EEB_4619_8A14_96C246B17F2F_1_Connect_CheckCreateTempTableCap" ("COL")
is-command : True

2020-11-02T10:34:14.257: 103771-7f2628f11700 MSG
ODBCProtocolImpl::PrepareQuery: Error: Failed to prepare the query for execution.

2020-11-02T10:34:14.257: 103771-7f2628f11700 DATABASE-ERROR
error-records : [{'error-record': 1, 'error-desc': "ERROR 6200: Command CREATE INDEX is not supported\nHINT: Did you mean 'CREATE TEXT INDEX'? See the documentation for supported usage\n", 'sql-state': '0A000', 'native-error': 6200}]
retcode : -1
file : ../../../modules/connectors/tabmixins/main/db/ODBCProtocolImpl.cpp
line : 1833
retcode-desc : SQL_ERROR
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