Error: "ERROR 6: handshake failure" When Failing to use SAML Authentication from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server

Published: 20 Sep 2017
Last Modified Date: 21 Sep 2017


From Tableau Desktop you are unable to connect to Tableau Server using SAML and the following error might occur in Tableau Desktop: 
ERROR 6: An error has occurred in the course of the SSL protocol

You are, however, able to connect from a web browser.


  • Tableau Server 10.1.4
  • Desktop 10.1.4
  • SAML authentication
  • SSL communication between Tableau Desktop and SAML IDP


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 10.3.3 ; 10.2.5 ; 10.1.11. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop in Tableau Help.

Option 2

As a workaround, use "username and password" authentication between Tableau Desktop and SAML IDP instead of SSL certificate.


This behavior is related to a known issue (ID: 643218) that has been fixed in a recent release of Tableau Desktop. 
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