Error "(401) Unauthorized" When Running Automated Script to do Authentication Using Personal Access Token Accessing a Tableau Cloud Site

Published: 11 Aug 2023
Last Modified Date: 13 Aug 2023


When running an automated script to do authentication using a Personal Access Token to access the Tableau Cloud site, the following error appears:

Http response error: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

Tableau Cloud error: {"error":{"summary":"Signin Error","detail":"Error signing in to Tableau Server","code":"401001"}}.


  • Tableau Cloud


Regenerate the valid Personal Access Token, then use the valid Personal Access Token to make a REST API sign in request to Tableau Cloud.

Information on Creating and managing personal access tokens to authenticate automated tasks with the REST API is available in this Tableau Online Help.


An invalid Personal Access Token is sent to a Tableau Cloud site.

Additional Information

  • In the context of authorization, the Tableau Cloud session that is authenticated with a PAT has the same access and privileges as the PAT owner.
  • Users can't request concurrent Tableau Cloud sessions with a PAT. Signing in again with the same PAT, whether at the same site or a different site, will terminate the previous session and result in an authentication error.

Tableau Online Help - Personal Access Tokens
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