Error "302 Found" or "403 Forbidden" Using tabcmd export with Appended Credentials

Published: 23 Oct 2015
Last Modified Date: 26 Dec 2018


When using tabcmd export with appended credentials one of the following errors occurs:
===== redirecting to <path>=
*** 302 Found


*** 403 Forbidden


Tableau Server 9.0.11, 9.1.5 and earlier versions 


Option 1: 

Upgrade to Tableau Server 9.1.6, 9.0.12 or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Server

Option 2: 

Use the following workarounds: 
  • Use an explicit 'tabcmd login' to begin a session, and use independent tabcmd commands for further tasks. 
  • If a job exceeds the 'wgserver.session.idle_limit' time period (240 minutes by default), the timeout can be increased by running the following commands:
tabadmin set wgserver.session.idle_limit <new_time_in_minutes>
tabadmin configure
tabadmin restart


This behavior is a known issue which has been corrected in more recent versions.
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