Error: 0x80070109 - Unspecified Error

Published: 27 Sep 2018
Last Modified Date: 08 Oct 2018


When trying to Install 2018.2 Tableau Desktop, the following error related to VC 2012-2015 occurs (log snapshot):

Error 0x80070109: Process returned error: 0x109
Error 0x80070109: Failed to execute EXE package.
Error 0x80070109: Failed to configure per-machine EXE package.
Applied execute package: VC2013Redist, result: 0x80070109, restart: None
Error 0x80070109: Failed to execute EXE package.
Removing cached package: VC2013Redist



  • Tableau Desktop 2018.2.0
  • Windows 7


Option 1
Run Tableau Installer with Admin rights:
  1. Right click on Tableau Desktop .exe file
  2. Select Run as Administrator
  3. Follow the prompts to finish the installation
If Option 1 does not work proceed to Option 2.

Option 2
Install both Microsoft VC 2013 and 2015 Redistributable independently.
  1. Download both VC 2013 & 2015 Redistributable from Microsoft:
  2. Ensure download of the correct bit version (32 or 64) to match Tableau Desktop bit version
  3. Install
If issues persist, work with your IT department to install and troubleshoot Microsoft VC Redistributable.



Tableau Desktop requires successful installation of Microsoft VC 2013 and 2015 Redistributable in order to complete installation of Tableau.

Additional Information

If Option 1 and Option 2 are not successful, this is most likely related to a permission issue. Please consult with your System Admin.

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