Encoding Errors Exceed User-Defined Limit Connecting to Statistical File

Published: 10 Mar 2016
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2018


When attempting to connect to a statistical file, the user receives the following error:

"The number of encoding errors exceeded the user-defined limit, execution will be stopped"


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Statistical File


The error encoding limit can be manually set using a TDC in Tableau Desktop 9.0.10+, 9.1.4+, or 9.2.2+ with the following customization:

<connection-customization class='stat-direct' enabled='true' version='9.0'> 
<vendor name='stat-direct' /> 
<driver name='stat-direct' /> 
<customization name='encoding-error-limit' value='801' /> 


Either characters in some of the records are invalid for the declared encoding, or the character encoding used is unsupported. For example, the Thai encoding TIS-620 does not have an encoding for a space, so any instances of spaces in a column declared as TIS-620 will throw an error. The default limit is 100.
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