Embedding Tableau Server Dashboards into a Website without Authentication

Published: 27 Jun 2013
Last Modified Date: 19 Nov 2018


How to incorporate a Tableau Server view into a website with no prompt for credentials. 


Tableau Server 


Option 1

  1. Embed database credentials in Tableau Server so that users can pass through the database log in process and go directly to their views. 
  2. In Tableau Server, click the Share link at the top right of the view to access a URL that can be used to embed the view.
  3. For users to successfully access the embedded view they must be a valid Tableau User and are required to authenticate with Tableau Server. If Tableau Server has been configured with core licensing, enable the Guest account to allow non-Tableau users the ability to see and interact with an embedded view. For more information, see License and User Rights

Option 2

For full public access with no credentials required, publish the view to Tableau Public.

Additional Information

Tableau Server is designed to protect data and sensitive information. Anyone wishing to access that view, after it is embedded, will need to be a licensed Tableau Server user. Attempting to access the view will require the viewer to log on using their Tableau Server credentials. 
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