Embed Parameter is Intermittently Added to the URL When Accessing a View

Published: 30 Sep 2015
Last Modified Date: 26 Apr 2016


When viewing a published workbook, the "embed=y" parameter might be added to the URL. For example: http://<server>/views/<workbook>/<view>?:embed=y


Tableau Server 9


Option 1: Determine How Links Are Being Shared

The intermittent behavior may be explained by the source of the link:
  • Links copied from the address bar when viewing content in Tableau Server will not have the 'embed=y' parameter unless it has been explicitly added.
  • Links copied from the Share option on a view will always contain the 'embed=y' parameter.

Option 2: Control Guest Access

  • When the Guest account is enabled on Tableau Server, users accessing the view will be authenticated as Guest by default unless the user explicitly goes to Tableau Server and signs in. When using Active Directory authentication with automatic logon enabled, Tableau Server will attempt to authenticate the user with Active Directory first, and will grant access as Guest if unsuccessful.
  • Denying Guest access to content will prompt for sign in when users attempt to view that content.


Option 1

The view links contain the 'embed=y' parameter, generally as a result of using Share.

Option 2

The 'embed=y' parameter is automatically added because the user's session expires and the user has changed to Guest, which may only view embedded content.
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