'Edit Data Source' Unavailable for Google BigQuery Data Sources

Published: 30 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 05 Jul 2023


The 'Edit Data Source' option may be grayed out for some published data sources. Additionally the information displayed says "Connection not supported by web authoring. Use Tableau Desktop to edit data source."

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  • Tableau Cloud
  • Google BigQuery


Use these possible workarounds to ensure that the 'Edit Data Source' option is available for a Google BigQuery data source:

Option 1

When publishing the data source using Tableau Desktop, select either the 'Prompt user' or 'Embed <Google BigQuery email>' option under Authentication is selected. 
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If the 'Embed <Google BigQuery email>' option is not available when publishing the data source, add the Google BigQuery credential to your Tableau Cloud account settings. For more information about the Account Settings page and managing saved credentials, see:

Option 2

Create the data source using web authoring. 


Editing data sources on the web does not support OAuth data sources that use 'managed keychains' for authentication. The "embedded password" option in the publishing dialog in Tableau Desktop corresponds to 'managed keychain', while the 'Embed <Google BigQuery email>' option corresponds to 'saved credentials'.

For more information, see:
Note: Another possible reason for the 'Edit Data Source' option being unavailable for a data source is that the data source uses a connection facilitated by Tableau Bridge.
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