Download Data and Crosstab Options Are Unavailable

Published: 01 Oct 2013
Last Modified Date: 31 Aug 2020


When you click the Download toolbar button on a dashboard, Data and Crosstab options are unavailable.

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  • Tableau Server
  • Dashboard


Option 1

Click within an individual worksheet or quick filter on the dashboard and try to export again.

Option 2

In Tableau Desktop, select a worksheet on the dashboard prior to publishing to the workbook. The selected worksheet will have a gray border. This worksheet will be selected by default in the published view.  
Select worksheet from list on a dashboard 


Option 3

  • Verify that user permissions for View Summary Data and View Underlying Data are set to Allow. For more information, see Check Current Permissions.
  • Verify that all groups to which the user belong have the desired permissions.


This behavior is by design. An individual worksheet must be selected so that Tableau Server knows which worksheet to export data from. 
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