Displaying Multiple Values from One Dimension in Label or Tooltip

Published: 09 Apr 2015
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2018


How to display multiple values from a dimension in the label or tooltip.


Tableau Desktop


  1. Create one calculation per value in the dimension. For example:
Calculation 1 "Sales Furniture": IF [Category] = "Furniture" THEN [Sales] END
Calculation 2 "Sales Technology": IF [Category] = "Technology" THEN [Sales] END
  1. Place both calculations on Label or Tooltip Shelf and edit them to be Measure(SUM). Then edit Label or Tooltip to describe the values, such as:
Technology: <SUM(Sales Technology)>
Furniture: <SUM(Sales Furniture)>


Labels and Tooltips only display one value per field.

Additional Information

Label will not display data if it would result in overlap. Therefore, Tooltip may be superior for capturing multiple values.
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