Unable to Show a "No Data" message when all data is filtered out

Published: 07 Jun 2013
Last Modified Date: 13 May 2020


When a filter is applied to a dashboard and one of the worksheets doesn't have any data that matches the filter, that area in the dashboard goes blank. The goal is to display a message, such as "No Data Available" or "0", when all data is filtered from a view.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Filtered data


The following workaround is demonstrated in the attached workbook.

Option 1

Set the original worksheet to floating and place a floating text or image object behind the original worksheet. When the original worksheet is filtered to no data, then the floating object will show.

Note: A field must be in the view in addition to having a field on Text. In the attached sample workbook, the field "Blank" is used.

Option 2

Create a dummy worksheet that has the expected text or numeric value that has the opposite filter settings as the original worksheet. Place both worksheets in a layout container on the dashboard. When either worksheet is filtered to no data, then that worksheet will collapse.

Option 3

Add a row to the data source for every unique combination of filter values. These rows can be entirely blank except for the fields used as filters. Then create a calculation that replaces NULL data with the desired value.
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