Display a Crosstab in a Tooltip With Only Multiple Dimensions

Published: 17 Aug 2022
Last Modified Date: 26 Aug 2022


How to display a crosstab with only multiple dimensions in the tooltip.

Current behavior
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Desired behavior
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  • Tableau Desktop


Part 1

Create a view to show the tooltip.

1. Connect to the Sample-Superstore data.
2. Drag Longitude(generated) to Columns and Latitude(generated) to Rows .
3. Drag the following fields to Detail on the Marks card:
     +Postal Code

Part II

Create the crosstab to show as a tooltip.

4. Create a new sheet named Crosstab.
5. In Rows , right-click > New Calculation and enter 0.
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6. Drag Postal Code to Detail on the Marks card.
7. Drag Country/Region to Label on the Marks card.
8. Change the Marks type to Text from Automatic.
9. Double-click on "0" in the view then adjust the Edit Axis settings as follows:
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10. Hold Ctrl while dragging SUM(0) on to Rows and drop next to SUM(0).
11. Expand SUM (0) (2) on the Marks card.
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12. Drag Region to Country/Region on the Marks card.
13. Double-click on "0" in the view to Edit Axis and change the settings as follows:
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14. Perform steps "10" through "13" for all dimensions .
15. Set a lower row height.  

Part III

Line adjustments and deletions of unnecessary lines.

16. Select Toolbar > Format > Borders > Sheet tab and add the following border line in black.
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17. Select Toolbar > Format > Lines > Sheet tab to set zero line to "None".
18. Select Row tab > Set Grid Lines and choose "None".

Part IV

Showing the tooltip.

19. Move back to the map sheet.
20. Click on Tooltip.
21. Delete the existing description.
22. Select Insert > Sheets > Crosstab.
23. Set the "maxwidth" and "maxheight" values so that the entire cross tab is displayed.
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Point to the target mark and the crosstab will appear in a tooltip.
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This feature is not currently built in Tableau Desktop.
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