Discrete aggregated measure splits the view into multiple rows or columns

Published: 04 Jan 2016
Last Modified Date: 28 Jun 2016


When using a discrete aggregated measure, the view splits into multiple values as rows or columns.


Tableau Desktop


Create an Exclude LOD expression to exclude the dimensions in the view to produce the desired level of detail.


Aggregated measures are always by the mark in the view.  This means that changing the view level of detail can drastically affect the values produced by the aggregated calculation.  Notice how adding Month to columns affects the Discrete SUM(Profit) in the following screen shots.

User-added image

Now, add Months to Columns...

User-added image

Tableau Desktop calculates the SUM(Profit for each month.

To resolve this create an LOD expression that excludes Month.  In this example we have to make a dimension for this.

DATENAME('month', [Order Date])

LOD Profit

{ EXCLUDE [Month] : SUM([Profit]) }

Now the view looks like:

User-added image

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