Disable Tableau Server Data Caching

Published: 24 Aug 2018
Last Modified Date: 02 Oct 2020


Cannot prevent Tableau Server from caching any data.



  • Tableau Server


As a workaround, try the following:

For Tableau Server 10.5 (please note 10.5,x is already EOL for support)
In the Tableau Server Configuration Utility under the Data Connection tab, choose either Refresh More Often or Balanced mode for Caching with a low limit to simulate not caching data. This will allow you to set the cache lifetime limit to something short and low in order to virtually not have any cached data. For more information on this topic, see Configure Data Connections.

For Tableau Server 2018.1 and newer, refer to the online help below:
Configure Data Cache


The ability to completely disable any data caching is currently not built in to Tableau Server.
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