Different Measure Values Results When Connecting to SAP HANA Live vs. Extract

Published: 23 Oct 2017
Last Modified Date: 10 Dec 2018


Measure values do not match when connecting to a SAP HANA calculation view live vs. creating an extract of the data source.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • SAP HANA calculation view


As a workaround, try to emulate the different tables that make up the SAP HANA calculation view inside different Tableau extracts. The goal would be to have one extract that contains only fields from the one table.

To do so, please follow the steps below:
  1. Connect to the live data source.
  2. Create the view.
  3. Click "Hide all unused fields" from the drop-down on the Data pane menu. For more information, see Hide or Unhide Fields.
  4. Create an extract by right-clicking the data source and selecting Extract data
  5. Repeat above steps for each required view.
  6. Combine the views on a dashboard. Each view will be based on its own extract.


If a SAP HANA calculation view is based on multiple raw tables, then mixing fields from the various tables can lead to incorrect results.
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