Did Not Receive My Student Product Key From The Tableau Academic Team

Published: 09 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 09 Mar 2023


After filling out the form on the Tableau Academic website to request a free year of use for students, teachers, and labs, the email with the key to use is often not received or cannot be found.


Tableau Desktop
Tableau Cloud


For a Single Key Student Request

Allow for three business days to hear back from the third-party company that reviews documentation submitted and delivers a product key via email. Check all email including Spam for this email: 

SheerID Verification (On Behalf of Tableau) <> with the Subject: Your Tableau Desktop Product Key is Enclosed.

If there are any questions about the documents uploaded to the Tableau Academic website, the responding email will have these Subject lines:
  • Subject: Tableau Student Verification - Additional Information Needed (1st email request for additional information)
  • Subject: Have you forgotten to upload your document?  (2nd reminder email request for additional information)
If after reviewing the above information and an email still cannot be located using the email address that requested the Academic license key, please email for further assistance.


Teacher license key approval can take up to 5-7 business days and the email will come from either of the following addresses:

If the correct amount of time has passed and the email cannot be found, please email for further assistance.




The email may be lost in the Spam folder.

Additional Information

Please remember the free Tableau Academic license key is valid for one year.  A new request form must be submitted to receive another year of use.  The key cannot be updated to extend the license period.

See the Tableau Student FAQ for additional licensing questions.

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