Deactivate Tableau License Key from the Customer Portal

Published: 22 Mar 2019
Last Modified Date: 29 Nov 2022


Can I deactivate a key from the Tableau Customer Portal?

The Tableau License Administrator is requesting more options to manage the product keys.


  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Tableau Server
  • Windows 10


Option 1 for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep

Switch to LBLM or the "log in to a server" activation method where no product keys are required.

 Option 2 for Tableau Server

It is not possible to deactivate a license key from the Tableau Customer Portal.  

When using the Server ATR activation method, the capacity to activate again will free up automatically after a period of time equal to the requested lease duration, from when the machine last refreshed it's license.

When using the legacy Flexera activation method, it is currently not possible to free an activation remotely.  The deactivation must take place on the Tableau Server machine.  When a maximum activation level is reached activating a new installation or adding keys back to an unlicensed server, Tableau Technical Support must be contacted.


This feature is not currently built into the Tableau Customer Portal.
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