Dates prior to January 1, 0400 are not Recognized by Tableau

Published: 16 Jan 2019
Last Modified Date: 25 Nov 2019


Dates prior to January 1, 0400 are not recognized by Tableau.


Tableau Desktop


Try one of the following workarounds:

Option 1

Try the steps described in the Community Forums Idea: Dates before 400AD.

Option 2

Get rid of the dates before 400AD from data source.

Option 3

Connect to date field in the data source as string values.

Option 4

Using the following calculations to return the 1st of January, 0301 as a valid date: DATEADD('year',-99,#400-1-1#)


The ability to recognize dates prior to January 1, 400 is not currently built into Tableau Desktop. 

Additional Information

To show your support for the inclusion of this feature in a future product release, add your vote to the following Community Idea: Dates before 400AD.
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